E-Juniors (EJU) (Paris – France) (PC): non-governmental organisation that offers younger citizens – particularly those who are e-excluded – opportunities to improve their digital skills, by proposing activities in addition to formal academic studies. E-Juniors proposes activities at the local and European level that focuses on European citizenship, social entrepreneurship, and exchange of skills.

These activities aim to:

  • Promote the creative and constructive use of free time
  • Study new applicable areas of interest
  • Inspire creativity and enhance vocational skills
  • Promote entrepreneurship

For more information:

Website: www.e-juniors.fr

Facebook: www.facebook.com/EJUFR

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development

iED (Greece): is a research organization, established in 2005, with a focus on the promotion of entrepreneurship for everyone. The organization’s main activity is the implementation of projects under some of Europe’s most influential and ground-breaking programmes, such as: HORIZON 2020 and ERASMUS+.

For more information:

Website: ied.eu

Linkedin: linkedin.com/company/iedeurope

Twitter: twitter.com/ied_europe

Instagram: instagram.com/ied.europe/

Facebook: facebook.com/ied.europe/

YouTube: youtube.com/c/iEDInstituteofEntrepreneurshipDevelopment


JO Consulting (Catania – Italy) is a company specialising in consulting on European projects and grant funding. Thanks to the experience gained since 1998, the company is able to offer support to those companies that want to seize the opportunities offered by the European Commission, Ministries and Regions. In recent years, thanks to the credibility acquired, JO Consulting has been able to attract grants from Horizon 2020, Erasmus+, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, EURES (from EaSI), from 7th Framework Program and from European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). JO Consulting offers advice to startup, companies, associations and public bodies that want to access non-repayable loans provided by the European Commission, Ministers and Regions. In particular, as far as advice on European funds is concerned, JO Consulting could be considered as “a weaver of international partnership “, the first factor, this one, of credibility to emerge in a European context.

For more information:

Website: joconsulting.eu

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/jo-consulting-eu-projects/

Facebook: facebook.com/JOConsulting.EuropeanProjects

Kveloce I+D+i (Senior Europa S.L.)

Kveloce I+D+i (Valencia – Spain) is an SME specialized in the development, implementation, and exploitation of R&D projects and their funding, with a history of more than 15 years. The company is composed by a team of 18 women with different and complementary profiles, distributed in three Spanish regions: Valencia (East region), Asturias (North regions) and Madrid (central region). Kveloce’s main scope is the area of health and social innovation, in particular socio-economic impact assessment of innovation, circular economy, human behaviour; new business models and social innovation; participatory processes, cocreation and new governance models; ICT user-friendly solutions for capacity building, and finally the communication and dissemination of R&D results.

For more information:

Website: kveloce.com

Linkedin: linkedin.com/company/k-veloce

Twitter: twitter.com/Kveloce_I_D_i

YouTube: youtube.com/user/KveloceIDI

Asociación Cultural y Medioambiental Permacultura Cantabria

Permacultura Cantabria (Cantabria – Spain): The “Cultural and Environmental Association Permacultura Cantabria” develops its main activity in the Pasiegan Valleys (Cantabria, northern Spain). The two main lines of work followed by their members are related, on the one hand, to sustainability and the natural balance (permaculture, bioconstruction, organic agriculture, and the proper use of water and other natural resources) and, on the other hand, to human development (personal growth, entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence, inclusion, etc.).

For more information:

Website: www.permaculturacantabria.com

Linkedin: linkedin.com/company/permacultura-cantabria

Twitter: twitter.com/PermaculturaCan

Instagram: instagram.com/permaculturacantabria/

Facebook: facebook.com/PermaculturaCantabria

Spolek PELICAN, z.s.

Spolek PELICAN (The Czech Republic): is a non-profit association active in the field of education and culture. It is based on the belief that one way to improve the quality of education is to raise public awareness of current trends in education and support their implementation in all levels of education.

Its mission is to serve the needs of students and educational community by supporting, collaborating and partnering with local, regional and state non-profit organizations and providing quality products, programs and professional services.

The members of the association have considerable experience in international European Commission funded projects aimed at the development and implementation of innovative teaching and learning resources and methodologies.

For more information:

Contact: info@skolapelican.com

Website: skolapelican.com

Instagram: instagram.com/skola_pelican/

Facebook: facebook.com/skolapelican